Axis camera packet capture

Download network trace


According to documentation this can be done via the URL below, as well as via the web interface in newer AXIS OS versions.

pcapdump URL


  1. Open any browser and paste the following URL:
    (Substitute the "CA.ME.RA.IP" with the IP address of the device.)
  2. The browser will ask for credentials. The default ones are: root/pass.
  3. Once you enter the credentials, a download will start. It will last for 60 seconds. Note that the last part of the URL ("duration=") will determine the amount of time the capture will run — you can change this number as needed.
  4. Once finished, the file will be usually saved to the computer's Downloads folder.

via the web interface

  1. Open the camera's web interface.
  2. Go to Settings -> System -> Maintenance

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