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Technical Notebook Pages

Content migrated from here. Asterisk Download Links

SystemD and Asterisk


Asterisk Put the following in /etc/systemd/system/asterisk.service and then run "systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl enable asterisk" [Unit] Description=Asterisk PBX And Telephony Daemon [Service] Typ...



Capture Filters Download and install Silently install wireshark and npcap # wireshark silent installer will not install npacp - tested cd $env:TEMP Invoke-WebRequest -URI -Out Wireshark-latest-x...


Technical Notebook Pages

Process Management pm2 - Advanced, production process manager for Node.js ORM for Node.js Objection.js - ORM for Node.js Sequelize - ORM for Node.js Template languages for JavaScript nunjucks - A powerful templating engine with inheritance, asyn...



OSPF Cost cost = reference bandwidth / configured bandwidth of interface in kbps reference bandwidth = 100,000 kbps Interface speed OSPF Cost 100 Mbps 1 10 Mbps 10 6 Mbps 17 5 Mbps 20 4 Mbps 25 3 Mbps 33 2 Mbps 50 1.5 Mbp...



Stream packet sniffer to Wireshark Start a promiscuous capture with filter "udp port 37008" Setup Mikrotik Packet Sniffer to stream to your IP address Setup system emailer I have noticed that in RouterOS v2, the emailer uses the system identity as the ...

Project: Teensy Climate

Technical Notebook Pages

Original content is located here. The primary purpose of this project was to give me a reason to learn how to develop solutions using the Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontrollers. The secondary purpose of this project is to develop a climate control system for the h...

Ubuntu 18.04.1, ISPConfig3, Python 3, Flask, Apache 2, and mod_wsgi


Today I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get a Flask application started using Python 3 on Ubuntu 18.04.1. I had previously built an application using Python 2.7, Flask, and mod_wsgi, but it had been a while and the documentation I came across j...

Color Schemes


The following code with download all of the colorschemes provided by flazz and set molokai as the default. # vim custom colors and vimrc.local changes mkdir -p /etc/vim/custom git clone /etc/vim/custom cat <...

The Most Common OpenSSL Commands


General OpenSSL Commands These commands allow you to generate CSRs, Certificates, Private Keys and do other miscellaneous tasks. Generate a new private key and Certificate Signing Request openssl req -out CSR.csr -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout private...



systemd-resolved is a systemd service that provides network name resolution to local applications via a D-Bus interface, the resolve NSS service, and a local DNS stub listener on Traditionally, /etc/resolv.conf has been used to handle name resolut...

Microsoft Remote Desktop Certificates


Manually replacing RDP certificate Install the new certificate in the Local Computer Personal store: If no password is needed: Import-PfxCertificate -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\My -FilePath cert.pfx Or if a password is needed: $mypwd = Get-Crede...

Installing Certificates on Windows


Using PowerShell to install into the Local Computer store This can only be done with elevated privileges. Import-Certificate -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\Root -FilePath cert.crt

Useful PowerShell Commands

Microsoft PowerShell

Placeholder Select-String is the Grep equivalent Examples: # Searching for multiple patterns at the same time Select-String -Path "*.txt" -Pattern "Pattern1","Pattern2","Pattern3" # Only return the first 10 results Select-String -Path "*.txt" -Patter...

Querying Event Logs

Microsoft PowerShell

I noticed that there is a huge speed difference between using an XML Query and PowerShell Get-EventLog piped through Where-Object to filter event logs. Thanks to this article, I learned how to use the XML Query via PowerShell, so you get the best of both world...

Netplan, Bonding, and VLANs


Creating a bond interface with Netplan The example below shows two Ethernet interfaces bonded using the active-passive mode. The following packages are required: ifenslave and vlan network: version: 2 ethernets: enp1s0: dhcp4: no op...

Microsoft Network Monitor


I had never heard of this tool until today... I've always used Wireshark. Today I needed to view traffic broken out by application (PID/ProcessName). I went hunting and found the Microsoft Network Monitor. Surprisingly it's very feature rich, easy to use, and ...



Conditional highlighting with functions This is a collection of frequently used functions for conditional highlighting in Excel. Highlight cells that are formatted dates and the dates are older than X days. Applies to =$A:$A if all dates you want highlighted...

AXIS Cameras

Application and device behaviors

Testing done 7/9/2021 with two AXIS M2026-LE MkII cameras running firmware version 8.40.3. What do we learn from this testing? At times, the AXIS Device Manager doesn't properly detect one or more cameras connected to the network. The AXIS IP Utility so far ...

TCP/IP Reset


WiFi adapter sees available network, however will not accept tcp/ip address. Attempting to reset winsock and ip stack may resolve the problem. Note, this information is one of many possible solutions that should only be attempted if you have a good working kno...