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Technical Notebook

Content migrated from here. Asterisk Download Links

Which brokerage or financial institution should I use and why?


TL;DR Use whoever you want, but know who you're using. I'm not a fan of Robinhood, Webbull, and other such relatively new online discount brokerages. These guys did a great job disrupting the brokerage market with their $0.00 commissions, but in October 2019...

Do you also tithe to yourself?


The Bible indicates that God’s people followed the law of tithing anciently. Church members give one-tenth of their income to the Lord through His Church. These funds are used to build up the Church and further the work of the Lord throughout the world. So yo...



I've been working on this book for a little over a week now. I've got a lot of polishing to do, and more articles to write, but the general ideas are already available. TL;DR A lack of financial education in the early years can accumulate to big problems lat...

401k or IRA? Traditional or Roth?


Plain and simple: If your company offers a 401k with a match, take it! It's free money! Otherwise, setup an IRA (Roth or Traditional) with the brokerage of your choice and max out the contributions each year. If you still have money to invest after your have ...

Investing for minors - Custodial IRAs and 529 education plans


THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. Here's a few definitions you will want to know: UGMA/UTMA - Taxable custodial investment accounts for minors. These are not ideal. Roth IRA for Kids - A tax advantaged account. This is no different than your adult Roth IRA, b...

Legal Disclaimer


This site contains accounts of my experiences and opinions, and is for information purposes only. I am not receiving compensation for my opinion. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. Disclosure: ...

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" - A financial book review


Below is an essay I wrote on the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" in July of 2019. This book is what lit the fuse and kicked off my burning desire to increase my financial literacy. Take a look at my reading list to see why I have it listed under the section "Don't re...

Pay yourself, not the bank


THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS... TL;DR You can make interest work for you if you learn patience and plan ahead. Otherwise, you will be paying the bank and/or credit card company interest instead. The name of the math class I took in the fall of  2019 was ...

Intentions Are Good, But Timing Is Everything


An essay about my introduction to financial literacy. Written in the fall of 2019 for an English class. Essay 14 December 2019 In 1997, I began my service for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Utah Provo mission. One preparation day, ...

SystemD and Asterisk

Technical Notebook SystemD

Asterisk Put the following in /etc/systemd/system/asterisk.service and then run "systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl enable asterisk" [Unit] Description=Asterisk PBX And Telephony Daemon [Service] Typ...

Reading List


Here's my recommended book list for anyone interested in investing. Links to each book are provided. The books are listed in the order I read them in. At the end of the page is a list of books I do not recommend. My "Must Reads" The Little Book of Common Sen...

Color Schemes

Technical Notebook Vim

The following code with download all of the colorschemes provided by flazz and set molokai as the default. # vim custom colors and vimrc.local changes mkdir -p /etc/vim/custom git clone /etc/vim/custom cat <...

Ubuntu 18.04.1, ISPConfig3, Python 3, Flask, Apache 2, and mod_wsgi

Technical Notebook Python

Today I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get a Flask application started using Python 3 on Ubuntu 18.04.1. I had previously built an application using Python 2.7, Flask, and mod_wsgi, but it had been a while and the documentation I came across j...

Project: Teensy Climate

Technical Notebook

Original content is located here. The primary purpose of this project was to give me a reason to learn how to develop solutions using the Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontrollers. The secondary purpose of this project is to develop a climate control system for the h...


Technical Notebook Networking

Stream packet sniffer to Wireshark Start a promiscuous capture with filter "udp port 37008" Setup Mikrotik Packet Sniffer to stream to your IP address Setup system emailer I have noticed that in RouterOS v2, the emailer uses the system identity as the HE...


Technical Notebook Networking

OSPF Cost cost = reference bandwidth / configured bandwidth of interface in kbps reference bandwidth = 100,000 kbps Interface speed OSPF Cost 100 Mbps 1 10 Mbps 10 6 Mbps 17 5 Mbps 20 4 Mbps 25 3 Mbps 33 2 Mbps 50 1.5 Mbp...


Technical Notebook

Process Management pm2 - Advanced, production process manager for Node.js ORM for Node.js Objection.js - ORM for Node.js Sequelize - ORM for Node.js Template languages for JavaScript nunjucks - A powerful templating engine with inheritance, asyn...


Technical Notebook Networking

Capture Filters bootp and dhcp Source port 67 or port 68 Name resolution protocols DNS Cisco Discovery Protocol udp port 53 mDNS multicast DNS udp port 5353 LLMNR Link-local multicast name resolution udp port 5355 All together now udp port 53 or...

I'm at least as smart as these guys... I can figure this out!


I'm at least as smart as these guys... I can figure this out! The world of economics and finance is very intimidating. There are tons of very impressive sounding words that we're not taught the meaning of in school. The day I stopped being intimidated by the...