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The Most Common OpenSSL Commands

Technical Notebook Networking

General OpenSSL Commands These commands allow you to generate CSRs, Certificates, Private Keys and do other miscellaneous tasks. Generate a new private key and Certificate Signing Request openssl req -out CSR.csr -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout private...


Technical Notebook Databases

Grants GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'somepassword'; GRANT ALL ON database.* TO 'user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'somepassword'; GRANT ALL ON database.table TO 'user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'somepassword'; GRANT insert ON *.* TO...

Bandwidth monitoring

Technical Notebook Linux

Useful console programs bwm-ng - Bandwidth Monitor NG (Next Generation), a live bandwidth monitor for network and disk io iftop - display bandwidth usage on an interface by host nethogs - Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process nload - displays the c...


Technical Notebook

Integrating OpenVPN with RADIUS Below is the culmination of at least a month working with OpenVPN. I recently discovered a bug in the Mikrotik OpenVPN server implementation that prevents users from being informed that they entered invalid credentials. The pr...

Network Policy Server / NPS

Technical Notebook Microsoft

  Enable NTLMv2 support for MSCHAPv2 RADIUS requests Enables proxied radius requests when using things like radsecproxy, duoauthproxy, etc. Avoids the MS-CHAP-Error responses. $registryPath = "HKLM:\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\RemoteAccess\Policy" $p...


Technical Notebook

radsecproxy Github Project Page radsecproxy.conf man page Configuration Example Integration with OpenVPN radius plugin The OpenVPN radius plugin requires that radsecproxy handle accounting requests. Configuration Options # Note that some block option val...

VBAN for Linux

Technical Notebook Linux I've used Voicemeeter Banana and Potato for a long time to do advanced audio management on my various computers, including streaming audio from various computers in the house to my laptop and vice versa. VBAN for Linux allo...

Ruckus / Brocade

Technical Notebook Networking


MAC Addresses

Technical Notebook Networking

MAC OUI   Reserved OUIs Addresses Usage Reference 00-00-00 to 00-00-FF Reserved [RFC7042] 00-01-00 to 00-01-FF VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) [RFC5798] 00-02-00 to 00-02-FF VRRP IPv6 (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol...

AXIS Cameras

Device behaviors

Testing done 7/9/2021 with two AXIS M2026-LE MkII cameras running firmware version 8.40.3. What do we learn from this testing? At times, the AXIS Device Manager doesn't properly detect one or more cameras connected to the network. The AXIS IP Utility so far ...


Technical Notebook SystemD

systemd-resolved is a systemd service that provides network name resolution to local applications via a D-Bus interface, the resolve NSS service, and a local DNS stub listener on Traditionally, /etc/resolv.conf has been used to handle name resolut...


Technical Notebook Microsoft

Conditional highlighting with functions This is a collection of frequently used functions for conditional highlighting in Excel. Highlight cells that are formatted dates and the dates are older than X days. Applies to =$A:$A if all dates you want highlighted...

Useful build tutorials


  Fully Auto Water Bottle Filler 1.15+ "Overflow Protection" -= end =-

Microsoft Network Monitor

Technical Notebook Networking

I had never heard of this tool until today... I've always used Wireshark. Today I needed to view traffic broken out by application (PID/ProcessName). I went hunting and found the Microsoft Network Monitor. Surprisingly it's very feature rich, easy to use, and ...

Netplan, Bonding, and VLANs

Technical Notebook Networking

Example This is a configuration using from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Two Ethernet interfaces are bonded using the active-passive mode. The untagged bond0 interface is for private traffic, while a public IP address is being delivered to a tagged VLAN sub interface usi...

Querying Event Logs

Technical Notebook Microsoft

I noticed that there is a huge speed difference between using an XML Query and PowerShell Get-EventLog piped through Where-Object to filter event logs. Thanks to this article, I learned how to use the XML Query via PowerShell, so you get the best of both world...

Other Useful PowerShell Commands

Technical Notebook Microsoft

Placeholder Format processes by start date This command will show a lot of errors if you're not running PowerShell as Administrator. Get-Process | Sort-Object StartTime | Format-Table -View StartTime Placeholder Sources:PowerShell Format-Table

Installing Certificates on Windows

Technical Notebook Microsoft

Using PowerShell to install into the Local Computer store This can only be done with elevated privileges. Import-Certificate -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\Root -FilePath cert.crt

Microsoft Remote Desktop Certificates

Technical Notebook Microsoft

Manually replacing RDP certificate Install the new certificate in the Local Computer Personal store: If no password is needed: Import-PfxCertificate -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\My -FilePath cert.pfx Or if a password is needed: $mypwd = Get-Crede...


Technical Notebook

Lithium Ion Voltage vs. Charge Status Original Source 4.2V – 100% 4.1V – 87% 4.0V – 75% 3.9V – 55% 3.8V – 30% 3.5V – 0% Somewhere in the 3.9V or slightly below area would be ideal for storage. Just don't overdo it. I believe AW batteries generally ship...