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MAC Addresses



Reserved OUIs

Addresses Usage Reference
00-00-00 to 00-00-FF Reserved [RFC7042]
00-01-00 to 00-01-FF VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) [RFC5798]
00-02-00 to 00-02-FF VRRP IPv6 (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol IPv6) [RFC5798]
00-03-00 to 00-51-FF Unassigned  
00-52-00 PacketPWEthA [RFC6658]
00-52-01 PacketPWEthB [RFC6658]
00-52-02 BFD for VXLAN [RFC8971]
00-52-03 to 00-52-12 Unassigned (small allocations)  
00-52-13 Proxy Mobile IPv6 [RFC6543]
00-52-14 to 00-52-FF Unassigned (small allocations)  
00-53-00 to 00-53-FF Documentation [RFC7042]
00-54-00 to 90-00-FF Unassigned  
90-01-00 TRILL OAM [RFC7455]
90-01-01 to 90-01-FF Unassigned (small allocations requiring both unicast and multicast)  
90-02-00 to FF-FF-FF Unassigned  


OUIs of virtualization platforms

Company and Products MAC unique identifier (s)
VMware ESX 3, Server, Workstation, Player 00-50-56, 00-0C-29, 00-05-69
Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual Server, Virtual PC



Parallells Desktop, Workstation, Server, Virtuozzo 00-1C-42
Virtual Iron 4 00-0F-4B
Red Hat Xen 00-16-3E
Oracle VM 00-16-3E
XenSource 00-16-3E
Novell Xen 00-16-3E
Sun xVM VirtualBox 08-00-27