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Event Logs






Below is a consolidated XML query of all of the event ids related in the above document. I have yet to have this actually solve a problem for me as of 5/30/2024. I still need to dive into the details of the individual log entries with different types and data.

  <Query Id="0" Path="System">
    <Select Path="Microsoft-Windows-TerminalServices-RemoteConnectionManager/Operational">*</Select>
    <Select Path="Security">*[System[(EventID=4624)]]</Select>
    <Select Path="Security">*[System[(EventID=4625)]]</Select>
    <Select Path="Security">*[System[(EventID=4634)]]</Select>
    <Select Path="Security">*[System[(EventID=4647)]]</Select>
    <Select Path="Security">*[System[(EventID=4778)]]</Select>
    <Select Path="Security">*[System[(EventID=4779)]]</Select>
    <Select Path="System">*[System[(EventID=9009)]]</Select>